Analytical campaigns 2019

Analytical campaigns 2019

After the excesses of Christmas, the meals and the remains that fall, the trips to the mountain, the contact with animals of relatives or strangers, etc… in Animal Salut we launch a campaign with discounts on main blood tests to ensure that all of these out of ordinary activities have not affected our pets.

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Blood test are one of the most used tests in veterinary practice because it has great importance in the clinic. It consists of extracting, by a puncture, a small amount of blood from the patient, then it is analysed in the laboratory to determine its composition and draw useful conclusions for diagnosis. The recommendation is to perform this tests once a year.

It is a fundamental tool for the early detection of different pathologies such as leishmania, establish treatments for the patient (for example, in the case of heart failure), monitor the evolution of a kidney disease or inform if the animal is in good condition to undergo a surgical procedure (such as castration or sterilization) with anesthetic safety.

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Blood is made up of a solid part and a liquid part. The solid part is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The liquid part is where the electrolytes, proteins, minerals, and enzymes of the organs are found. The same happens with an analytic; it also consists of two parts: the hemogram and the biochemistry.

The hemogram studies what corresponds to the solid part, i.e. the cellular part. A quantitative study is carried out to evaluate each group of cells that make up the blood. It also studies the shape and structure of the cells to find out if they are normal or altered.

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Biochemistry focuses on the liquid part of the blood, measures minerals such as calcium, enzymes (hepatic, renal…) and other chemical substances such as cholesterol or triglycerides, among others, which give us information on the state and functionality of the various organs.

After this little explanation we hope that you have understood the importance of this type of test and that is why in Animal Salut we offer a 15% discount on the price marked in general analysis, geriatric and leishmania this month. This way we will be able to detect any early signs of disease or make sure that everything continues in order.

In Animal Salut we perform these tests with results available in 24h. This month you can take advantage of a 15% discount on its price.


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