Basic sanitary recommendations for cats

In today’s post we want to clear up any doubts about the care of cats, both adults and puppies; but especially puppies, as we often come all over again, there is a lot of information and we don’t know what to do for the new member of our family.


Here we leave information about the microchip, vaccines and deworming both internally and externally.

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The trivalent vaccine (annual and mandatory) protects against the following diseases: panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus. It is important to protect our cat, whether adult or puppy against these diseases.



In puppies, vaccination should be started at 8 weeks of age with a trivalent vaccine. You will then need another 1 month separate trivalent vaccine for your immunity to be strong enough.

Check out our previous post about the vaccination plans we offer.

There are other annual vaccinations (recommended after six months):


– Rage: if you have to travel.
– Leukemia: if you can come into contact with sick cats or cats who do not know the health status (such as street cats).

 You can read more in this post about the correct identification.

There is also external deworming:

The pipette lasts for a month
The necklace has a different duration depending on the brand: between 2 months or 1 year.

The microchip is mandatory before six months of age.

 We hope we have clarified a little the doubts about the sanitary care that we should have with our cats.


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