Weight control campaign 2020

Weight control campaign 2020

After the Christmas holidays we realize that we have taken a few pounds and started to diet, go to the gym, etc … So taking advantage of that we become a little more aware of our health we propose that, at the same time, we become a little more aware of the health of our dogs, cats and pets.

Do you know that 1 out of 3 dogs or cats is overweight? These pets get to exceed in 10-20% their ideal weight. Many times we don’t realize it since it happens gradually but, as they accumulate weight they can develop health problems.

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What can cause weight gain in our dogs and cats?

  1. Decreased life expectancy of our dogs and cats.
  2. Joint problems as the excess weight damages the joints causing arthritis.
  3. Circulatory disorders and the appearance of heart failure.
  4. Chronic respiratory problems as the lung capacity is reduced by fat deposits and the fatty tissue needs an extra supply of oxygen.
  5. Diabetes Mellitus.
  6. Urinary stones.
  7. Hypertension.

How can you tell if your dog or cat is overweight?

It is always best to visit your vet for an evaluation of the body condition. Tricks to know that he is in his ideal weight would be to see a defined waist or to feel easily the ribs.

Come to our Vet Practice to control the weight of your pet.

What are the factors that can make our dogs and cats gain weight?

  1. Age: adult dogs have less activity so they spend less calories.
  2. The breed: some breeds have a tendency to gain weight.
  3. Neutering or spaying: the metabolism is lower and needs fewer calories.  
  4. Diseases: weight gain can be related to a medical problem and need proper treatment.
  5. Feeding: it can be a poor quality diet, an excess of food or an excess of snacks.

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How can we recover a healthy weight for our dogs and cats?

Some measures to return to the ideal weight of our dogs and cats would be: to exercise with walks of minimum 1 hour daily, to control the food intake both limiting the amount and the time, to diminish the snacks and to change them for healthy snacks.

This month, taking advantage of the fact that we are all aware of our weight, from Animal Salut we propose you to become aware also of the weight of our dogs, cats and pets; that’s why we offer you a personalized accompaniment and advice about the weight and its control in your particular case.

We offer a free visit to talk about necessary measures to control the weight and free follow-up during the first month of application. 


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