How to go to the beach with your dog

How to go to the beach with your dog

Many of you are asking us about dog beaches and how to go to the beach with your dog; precautions, behavior, unexpected events…

Here we leave you our new post with more information so you can go to the beach with your dog with all the tranquility.

Here we leave a link with the beaches for dogs in the Barcelona area, but you will see that there is also a map with those of the peninsula.

What should I bring?

  • The documentation of the dog in order: the card with the vaccines up to date and the microchip correctly identified. 
  • Its water and its drinking fountain. You can take the folding ones or the bottles with a drinking bowl. 
  • The leash and collar; especially if it is the first time your dog goes to the beach. 
  • Some prize to reinforce positive behaviour or reward if it is the first day your dog goes to the beach. If you are going to be there for a long time, take your dog’s food with you. 
  • Floating toys are the best for the beach. 

Don’t forget the bags to pick up their needs, it is important that we keep the beach clean for other dogs. 

It is advisable to protect your dog from the sun, especially if he is white. You can also bring an umbrella. Also, the pads are a very sensitive area (and sand can burn them!) so it’s good to have a protector on hand. 

How do I get my dog to take a bath?

Every dog needs its own process; if you have already gone to the beach with your dog several times you will know what his comfort zone is, if it is the first time here we leave some advice.

  • It is good to choose an area with little depth and without much current or waves. The dog can get scared at first because he doesn’t know the beach. 
  • To get your dog used to the beach you must do it gradually and always with positive reinforcement and some play. For example playing with a ball, rewarding him as he approaches or enters the water, soaking in water…
  • If your dog doesn’t like swimming in the sea, don’t force him. There is more fun at the beach like playing with another dog, playing with the sand, with some toy we carry…

Come to our veterinary center for more information.

Should I watch something at the beach?

The beach is a lot of fun but it can have its dangers for a dog:

  • You have to watch out for the ocean currents, especially if your dog is not a good swimmer or is not used to the beach. 
  • He should not eat sand or drink seawater as it can cause digestive problems. 
  • As we said before, the sun’s rays can cause burns and sunscreen is important. 
  • At the beach there can be many objects such as glass, feces from other animals… 

You always have to be on your toes to avoid heat stroke.

Here is our post about heat stroke and how to remedy it.

What should I do when I get home?

A little bath at home will remove the salt and sand from your dog and help protect the skin and coat after exposure to the sun and salt. 

Check his ears carefully and clean them to remove any water or sand as this can cause otitis. 

Visit our vet centre if you suspect your dog has otitis. 

Come to our veterinary center if you suspect that your dog may have otitis.

We hope these tips have been useful to you!