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Pet center: 93 340 74 04 | Home veterinary service: 693 71 18 63 | Email:


In Animal Salut groomer you will find professionals of canine, feline and rabbit styling. We offer comfortable cuts, cuts for competition, stripping technique and specific cuts for each breed. Each individual is a unique case for us, always offering individual advice and the best care for the health and well-being of your pet’s hair and skin.

Our specialties

Dog Groomer

They’ll always look good thanks to our service. We include, if necessary, the emptying of anal glands and the cleaning of ears and plants.

Other animals

We also offer grooming services for other animals such as cats, rabbits, ferrets… Contact us if you have any doubts.

Specialized bath

We always use the most suitable shampoos, conditioners, products and fragrances for the skin of each client according to their sensitivity or condition.

Stripping technique

Only for hard-haired dogs. It is based on removing the long layer to let the new layer grow, thus oxygenate and improve the quality of the hair.

Cutting with Scissors

We use scissors in delicate areas such as face or legs. This way we get a perfect and manual finish. Ask us about this technique.

Cutting with Machine

It is the most used technique. We will obtain a uniform result and we will be able to speed up the cut more. We can use it for many breeds.


There are breeds that we should not cut the hair, for these cases the best thing is to de-flan when the heat season arrives and, with it, the moult.


Sometimes it is possible to remove the knots without shaving. The knots avert oxygenation of the hair, so removing them means healing the skin.


Our Groomer

Our groomer has extensive experience in canine and feline hairdressing, also in hairdressing of other animals such as rabbits, contest styling, stripping. In addition, she continues to do courses and trainings on the latest trends in dog fashion, attending several fairs and competitions.