Contact us: : Pet center: 93 340 74 04 | Home veterinary service: 693 71 18 63 | Email:

Pet center: 93 340 74 04 | Home veterinary service: 693 71 18 63 | Email:


Home Service

Animal Salut is a veterinary home service in Barcelonès, Garraf, Alt Penedés and the surroundings areas. With us, the veterinarian will always be close, as we move to your home. This way we can offer more comfort, both for you and your pet.

If you live outside these areas and need our services, please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

Contact detsils


Phone: +34 693 71 18 63

Attention Hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00h to 20:00h

Saturday from 10:00h to 14:00h

Request an appointment in person or online with our veterinarian easily, quickly and automatically.

Stress Reduction

The familiar surroundings of your home are quieter, this reduces stress and health risks.

Comfort for you

We adapt to your schedule, your location and you can book an appointment online.

Personal attention

We have all the necessary services for the health of your pet.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to offer the comfort of home veterinary services combined with personal, high-quality and professional veterinary attention. The vast majority of veterinary treatments (such as vaccinations, microchip, analytical, etc) can be performed at home. There are a number of advantages to choosing home veterinary services:


  • The animal suffers less stress: as they are very sensitive, going to the centre which has a lot of smells and other animals is stressful for our pets. Being in a relaxed and known environment is better for them.
  • The health risk is reduced; not entering a veterinary centre reduces the possibility of catching any infectious or parasitic diseases.
  • Comfort: home visits will save you time as they will work around your own schedule, and they are logistically easier for certain pets, especially geriatric animals.
  • Allows us to examine the environment where the animal lives and we can see which factors can influence their welfare, helping us to understand the reason of some problems.
  • We can personally attend your pet and you, and we have all the time to answer questions or doubts.


If a test or further treatment is needed and it is not available at home (such as an x-ray or a surgery), we will direct you to our veterinary center or one of the reference centers in the area.

Our veterinarian at home

Our veterinarian has worked in veterinary centres in Catalonia, as well as doing stays and internship in reference centres in Madrid and the United Kingdom. She also collaborates with animal shelters. She has extensive experience in canine and feline internal medicine, dermatology, reproduction and exotic animal medicine.