We have been interviewed!

We have been interviewed!

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of being interviewed for the ProntoPro Blog.

There we were able to talk about our home delivery service.

This is what they say about us:

Mireia Badia, a veterinarian in Barcelona, ​​the city where she was born and where she works, studied Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and then did internships at different hospitals and clinics in Catalonia, Madrid and the United Kingdom, specializing in small animals, exotic and wild. Her clinic, Animal Salut, was born five years ago, while Mireia worked in a veterinary center in Barcelonés and realized that many people asked for services at home and did not offer them at the center.

This led him to think of all the elderly, those with reduced mobility or who have several animals and find it difficult to take them all to the vet; or even cats that are impossible to put inside the carrier or that arrive so nervous and hyperventilating at the veterinary center that it is not possible to vaccinate them. After thinking about it, Mireia decided to start offering the service at home, with the question of whether it would be successful, but little by little it started to work.

Finally, he decided to open a veterinary center in Barcelona in the La Sagrera neighborhood to be able to offer a broader service, such as performing surgeries, and there he expanded the team. Now there are 3 professionals: a dog groomer, a veterinarian for the center and Mireia herself, who performs services at home and in the center.

Mireia specializes in internal medicine for small animals (such as cats and dogs), which are the majority of her clients. He also has experience in exotic animals such as rabbits, hamsters, birds … Although these are more common to attend to them in the center than at home. What they do most at home are services for cats.