Dental hygiene

Does your dog’s or pet’s breath smell? Do you see how hard it is for him to eat? Does he have a green plaque in front of his teeth?


Your pet or dog may be suffering from dental problems or poor dental hygiene. More than 85% of dogs or pets have dental problems, especially if we are talking about middle-aged dogs and small breeds, and in most cases we do not give them the necessary importance. 

A healthy mouth means a longer and healthier life.

The teeth of our dogs or pets, just like ours, tend to get dirty during their lives and this ends up forming tartar plates. We brush our teeth daily but dogs or pets do not and we are not normally in the habit of cleaning them ourselves as owners. 


Non-dental hygiene causes tartar to appear. This is the dental plaque (formed by remains of food and bacteria from the mouth) solidified when mixed with the minerals in the saliva; and it looks like a green or yellow plaque that covers our dog’s or pet’s teeth.

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A bad dental hygiene causes several symptoms, being the most common the bad breath (or halitosis) but also it can cause inflammations that make difficult the correct feeding, infections of dental roots… The most dangerous thing is if the bacteria of this dental plaque move to the circulatory torrent since they can arrive to vital organs (like the heart or the joints) and cause infections in these.

Fotografía antes de la higiene

Your dog’s or pet’s mouth should be clean!

Fotografía después de la higiene

A dental cleaning or dental hygiene is the removal of tartar and plaque from the surface of the teeth. It is done with ultrasound and water equipment that ensures the integrity of the teeth but removes dirt in depth. Then a special drill is used to polish the teeth and return them to their original appearance. 


Dental cleaning must be performed under general anesthesia and with tracheal intubation, since the dental cleaning equipment irrigates water and there would be a risk of aspiration in the respiratory tract. For this reason we recommend a pre-surgical analysis to increase the safety of the anesthetic procedure.

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Once we have a correctly performed dental hygiene we must maintain it. There are snacks, feeds, sanitizers, sprays… We will talk about this more in our next post. 


We want all our clients to have clean teeth and a correct dental hygiene so these two months in Animal Salut we have a combined offer of dental hygiene with pre-surgical analysis.

Dental hygiene + pre-surgical analysis for 200€



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