The importance of identification 2018

The importance of identification 2018

Welcome to the first entry of Animal Salut’s Blog!

On this first occasion, we will take the opportunity to talk about the importance of identification and microchipping in domestic animals, in combination with the campaign we have in progress (the chip at 50% when putting the vaccine!).

A correct identification of an animal consists in the insertion of a microchip and the issuance of a sanitary card; this is obligatory. We can get a penalty fee if we do not have our animal correctly identified.

The microchip is a small capsule that is placed with an injection under the skin of the animal in the left area of the neck. This capsule has a numerical code that is unique to each animal and, at the moment of insertion, is related to the owner’s data thanks to a computer program. This way, the animal’s and the owner’s data are recorded in AIAC database (identification file of companion animals of the veterinary college) or in ANICOM (belonging to the Generalitat) in Catalonia. These data will be downloaded to REIAC (Spanish identification of companion animals), which is also shared with the European network. So, wherever you are, your animal will be correctly identified.

The microchip is usually implanted at two or three months of age, but it can be placed at any time of the animal’s life. Keep in mind that the older the animal is, the harder the skin gets and the more it will bother the puncture.

In conclusion, it is mandatory to identify our domestic animals and, as soon we do, the better; both for us because we will avoid the risk of a penalty fee and also is better for the animal since it will bother him less. In addition, in case of loss we can be located quickly.

In Animal Salut we offer the vaccination and identification service also in your home.

In Animal Salut we offer the identification service with chip. This month you can take advantage of the offer we have: the microchip at 50% of its price if you combine it with your pet’s vaccine.


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