Prevent heat stroke in animals

Prevent heat stroke in animals

In these days of so much heat that we are living, we must bear in mind that our dogs and animals suffer the same, or more than we do, this heat wave.

If you suspect a heat stroke go to our veterinary center.

Dogs and animals can suffer so much that they can even get a “heat stroke”. Heat stroke is a very dangerous systemic process caused by poor regulation of body temperature or exposure of our dogs or animals to extreme heat. When they suffer a heat stroke our animals and dogs release sugars and minerals decompensating their system and causing a systemic collapse.

When our animals or dogs suffer a heat stroke they can show some of the following symptoms: stillness, rapid breathing, vomiting, tremors, dizziness, wobbles, increased heart rate and even loss of consciousness.

Or if you prefer, contact our home veterinary service.

If we suspect that our animals or dogs are suffering heat stroke we should take them quickly to the veterinary center. On the way we can wet your gums with water, without forcing you to drink, or moisten your armpits, groin and head with water; It is very important not to try to lower the temperature suddenly because we can cause the opposite effect, a hypothermia.

With our dog groomer you will find specialists in animal aesthetics who will be able to advise and make this type of cuts.

This is why it is so important to prevent this heat stroke. Here are some simple tips to help our dogs and animals endure this heat.


– Always leave fresh water within reach of our animals and dogs. It is important that this water is clean and fresh, so it is advisable to change frequently.

– We can spray fresh water; Above all it is useful in the underarm, groin and abdomen area.

– The air conditioning is a great ally for these hot days.

– Reduce or avoid the use of the muzzle. The dogs release the heat panting and the use of the muzzle decreases this dissipation.

– The walk of the dogs in times of heat we should do it in the hours in which the temperatures are lower and always taking into account the type of ground where they walk. There is an unwritten rule easy to follow; If you can leave your bare hand resting on the floor for 5 seconds, the dogs can walk quietly.

– You have to avoid doing a lot of exercise.

– Always look for cool places. If dogs live in a garden there should always be a shaded place to shelter.

– Do not cut excessively the hair of dogs in hot weather as it acts as an insulator of the rays. We can brush the hair well to eliminate dead hairs that block the expulsion of heat. Another option is to make the “summer cut” providing comfort and well-being to the heated dogs and animals, always recommended by a professional.

– The best food at night. This way we avoid that it is exposed too much time to the sun, that produces that it warms up and spoils and the dog loses appetite. We can offer canned food because it has a high water content, even a little cold, to make it more appealing.

We hope that with these tips our animals and dogs can better withstand these summer temperatures and this intense heat that we are living.


For more questions do not hesitate to go to our veterinary center or contact us.

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